Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pom Pom "How to"

You need:

-Tissue (4 sheets a Pom)

-wire (floral will work)

-ribbon (fishing wire will also work)


*Optional: A Little Robert hanging on your leg.

I bought this tissue from Target for .99cents:

Open and lay 4 sheets flat (feel free to use more, it will just make a thicker one):

Fold in an "accordion" style (bet you haven't heard that since 4th grade) in 1 1/2 inch width. Keep in mind "accordion" is a similar to a "hot dog" reverse fold for all you kindergarten graduates out there.

Cut a piece of wire to fit the width of your now "accordion" tissue and fold in half. Then slide over your "accordion" and fasten. You can also go ahead and put your ribbon on (just fasten it to your wire).

Here is the optional part- you can round your edges with scissors, snip a triangle out of them or just leave them alone. Then make a sort of flower bouquet out of them and pull each layer out one by one.

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McDonald's Iced Coffee, anyone?

-2/3 cup of ground beans (grinds)
-2 cups water
-4oz coffee creamer (any flavor) from the refrigerator section

Brew the 2/3 cup of grinds and the 2 cups of water. After brewing pour the coffee back into where the water goes and brew it again through your grinds (used ones:)).

Take that coffee (once brewed twice) and pour into a pitcher and mix with 4oz of the creamer and around 2-3oz of milk. Feel free to add more milk if it is to strong.
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