Friday, June 26, 2009

Far behind...

I am so far behind on posting. I forgot my password to sign in. Last post we had ventured in from the rain to Robert's first trip to the Avenues (Mall). It goes with out saying- he is a natural at shopping.

Update (Pictures posted 7/28):

Father's day- It was an exciting day, great Dad and a cute baby- what else do you need? Robert celebrated the day by spending Sunday School and Worship hour in the nursery...the entire time! He also sported his Father's day outfit of a Gap onesie and his first pair of khaki pants from his first trip to the Town Center.

Baby Einstein- Robert has found the T.V. More specifically, Baby Einstein. He LOVES it. Even Macy has the pictures memorized and can shake her head along to the beat.

Bumbo- Most call this a waste of money, they also don't have a Robert. Robert loves his Bumbo and sits in it every morning. He helps Macy hunt lizards and birds. In a few short months he will sit in it and eat sweet potatoes.

Bouncy- What do you get a Robert who has so many things to sit in? Something else to sit in! It was past time for a bouncy so on one of our weekly trips to Target (you can't risk that they get new things in without first hand knowledge) we picked one up. He loves to kick and watch the animals move. In full disclosure- it was another investment to provoke longer sleeping patterns. Didn't work. (Side fact: he was rocked to sleep and then placed in the bouncy:)).

Hands- Robert found his hands! He loves to focus on them and shove them in his mouth when he is hungry. He also loves to have them held.

Barley- Barley is his new buddy. He, Oreo and Robert are becoming great friends.

Tute and Puddle- who knew pigs could have such crazy names? Tute and Puddle are pigs in a popular kids show. Last week they went to London to see the Queen. I wasn't a fan of children in front of T.V. until productivity around the house increased because of it. There is just something about an unloaded, empty dishwasher.

2 Month Shots- Robert went Monday the 22 and weighs 13lb 10 oz. He is 23 1/4 with a head circumference of 16.5. Can you tell his brain is growing?

Stroller Strides- Robert and I along with his friend J and his Mom K tried out this Mom fitness hangout. I should have known but Robert was a natural. He slept the. entire. hour. Who knew fitness in the stroller would make him a napper? We followed up our trip with Robert's first visit to Whole Foods. He loved every minute of it. Even the neat bathroom sinks and the really clean bathrooms. He also made friends with Grace who was born 3 days after him and is so cute, hints why Robert made a friend.

New Car- Robert needed more space and Dad dreams of a boat was time for a new car. We said bye to the BMW and welcomed in our first gas eating machine: a Toyota Sequoia. Feast your eyes on it Mr. Gore (I will post a post a picture soon), happy global warming to us all.
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