Sunday, August 12, 2012

March 2012/April 2012

House on Moving Day
We had a long close date (just had a baby) so we lived in limbo between appraisals, inspections and trying to find another house. Back when I had found out I was pregnant I planned Robert's 3rd birthday down to the napkins but the whole house selling thing/closing the week of his birthday squashed the party. We planned instead to take him to Disney to eat with the characters. Great idea but after the reservations were made our buyers asked to moving closing to that weekend. Oh, life! Robert did turn 3 and it was still very fun. He had cupcakes for breakfast and opened his presents (Firey Flynn and the Sodor fire crew) that morning. Went hit up CPK for lunch and the cupcake shop.

We also celebrated Amy G's big 3 with a party at the park in Riverside. Always a great to be with the Gibsons.

The Wednesday before closing we decided that I would leave and head to my parents and then we would stay till our house was ready. I was up at 4 to make sure that I had every thing put together and packed. I packed as much as I could the night before but I was packing us for 6 months in the event that our closing went through I had a back up rental at the beach. Talk about strategy. Packing for kids is tough but packing for a baby is real science. Once the car was packed we had literally no room, not even for a Ritz cracker. Robert slept in the pack n play, Emma in the swing and we were on a bedding pallet so to speak. We woke Robert around 6 and put him in the car. It was bitter sweet leaving. More sweet (we were ready to be gone) than bitter given our relations with Pitt bull family next door. We were blessed with so many great memories at that house though. Baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, holidays. Robert and Emma both came "home" there. It really sunk in then that even good things are hard and cause some pain. I didn't cry. I also don't think Robert really knew what was going on. He knew his stuff was packed and we were getting a new house but I think he still thought we would live in that house again. It took 3 hours to Orlando. We had major traffic once we hit the Old St Aug on ramp and we had to stop at Starbucks at the new 210 home exit as well as feed Emma.

When R called to say that the house was offically sold
House Sold!

POD #2
POD #2 Being Picked up and taken to storage

At closing
Back of Car as we left

Passenger seat as we left
Easter came right after we moved in. The bunny was generous with the kids. In hindsight I wish we had left the bunny for other families. Something about a large, live bunny who comes and leaves things at your house. Especially on such a important event in Christianity, salvation specifically. With out Easter there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas. It seems we celebrate the real Easter at service after celebrating the fake/fun Easter with baskets from a bunny. We did finally make it to the big Moore Easter hunt which was fabulous. Great people, well organized and more than enough for all of the kids. We missed last year due to the broken leg which made this year all the more (ha, ha) exciting.
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More February 2012

These are not edited but just ones I had on the computer. Emma was around a week old. It was tough becuase the photographer (Jess) was so great but Emma only wanted to sleep at the end (isn't that always the case) and the weather had turned cold suddenly (limited outside shots) and we were set to look at more houses that afternoon (limited time).
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