Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Speedy Robert

Robert is 11 months! He loves:
Stacking objects
Hiding things
Feeding Macy
Sleeping with many blankets
Pushing any/all objects across the room
Riding in the grocery cart
Typing on the computer
Bath time

He has two teeth on the bottom and looks to be getting a few more.

Here is speedy Robert:

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Monday, February 1, 2010

So very, very big.

Robert had his 9 month appointment with Dr. Mary two Fridays back and I tried very unsuccessfully to get another picture before we left the house(just as we did for the 6th month). He sported his pink seersucker (I know it is not seersucker season) and was very cute. No shots at 9months so we had fun without any screaming.

Here was Robert going to his 6month checkup:

Here was our attempt at a picture before his 9month checkup:

Hard to believe back at 6months he was doing this:

Sitting still


The thought of Robert sitting at any elevated height in anything let alone a Bumbo makes my heart race. In the last several months Robert has developed some serious Superman skills. He can escape from nearly seconds.

Back at 6 months we also tried getting his foot prints on a stepping stone. The stone turned out to look more like the mark of a dinosaur who had a seizure on a patch of wet cement.
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