Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Card

We sent out family Christmas cards this year and had quite the experience trying to get a decent photo. Here are just a few of the many we took. In being honest, we took several batches on several different days. We had grand plans but after about 200 our only goal was to have everyone looking in the same direction.

Here is the card (I ran out of family photos):


Back of envelope (will update with directions for label):

The Final Picture:
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My oven

Rather than blogging I should be mopping. Blogging is just way more fun. In fact, most things are more fun than mopping.

Robert's fast asleep, R is at a Jags game and I am being serenaded by "Your the one I love" by David Grey, in addition to the dishwasher and Robert's lullaby tunes. One thing I have learned lately- you can never have to much noise. Oh, and I can't forget Macy whining at the door for the third time in 15 minutes. No worries, she doesn't have to go.

At first glance this is an oven. A nice oven. Before Robert we used it to bake, cook and the drawer was to warm things. These days it looks like this:

It is full of all sorts of anything Robert wants to store in there. He is going to make a good engineer.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Macy and Robert

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Christmas and crackers

Robert's toy chest came Friday and he loves his new pull up station. We love anything we can hide his toys in.

We started the tree Saturday and all of the decorations that come with it. Robby hung the lights outside Sunday while Robert supervised from the stroller. Robert is still working on walking. He can pull himself up and take steps but still holds on. He still LOVES his organic yogurt and is now really into graham crackers. Macy is also excited about the cracker stage- Robert feeds her often. Robert is also almost a pro at his pincher fingers.

The tree before and after (minus the ornaments).

The Roberts' had some good time snuggling on the couch with clothespins while watching football.

We can't wait for Santa!
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