Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The boken leg

Saturday the 9th we were reading before bed (Cat in the Hat) and Robert stood up to get another book, turned around and slipped on one that was on the floor. He cried and screamed and cried some more. It was a fall just like many times before but he kept asking to go to bed. We put him down and he went right to sleep. I called the on call Dr. and she said to look for swelling/black and blue coloring and if we did not see any we could wait until morning for an xray. We left him asleep but checked a few times with the flash light to see any signs of pain, swelling or discoloring. An hour later Robert woke up screaming and spent the rest of the night watching videos on the couch. Around 5am I rocked him to sleep and put him in our bed. By 8am we were at Solantic and ready for our xray. With in a few minutes they took us back, did the xray and told us that he had broken his tibia and put a splint on his leg.

Robert and Dad watching movies after Solantic

Monday we followed up with the pediatrician and Tuesday we went to the orthopedic for the cast.

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