Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Right Finish Max Paint Sprayer

We used the Home Right Finish Max sprayer to re paint our kitchen cabinets.  This was my FIRST time using a sprayer and am by no means a DIY expert. I was extremely skeptical of the results but after much googling and research we gave it a try. I used the tutorials on Bower Power blog, Imperfect blog and Young house Love EXCEPT I did more coats and sanded in between for a smoother cabinet feel. Just for a rundown…

1)I took all of the hardware off and labeled each door (I went with lowers and then uppers)
2) I used an electric handheld black and decker sander and sanded each door with 220
3) I deglossed each door (over kill I know but I wanted it done right) with a towel (use a towel you can throw away)
4) Sanded again with the electric sander
5) deglossed again
6) sprayed each door with ZINSSER spray primer (in the can)
7) Sanded lightly with a sanding block (this is a trick my friend Melinda who paints furniture told me) the primer
8) Primed again
9) sanded again with a sanding block (lightly)
10) painted coat one with the Home Right Finish Max Sprayer
11) I painted two more coats (over kill again but I wanted it done right) 

I can’t even begin to tell you how impressive this was. We saved thousands by painting our cabinets instead of replacing them and instead of hiring out the painting process. Finish Max sprayer is an incredible product that was easy to use and delivered great results. With so many self inflicted steps I did this over a few weeks and even with each spray the painter did great work. You HAVE to make sure you clean it thoroughly each time. I have had some inconsistent spraying/splotching and I think it is time to replace my filter. I also had to replace the tube that connects from the sprayer into the can because I let it sit for too long and the paint dried inside.

The only recommendations I would make would make to this product would be:

-A fill line on the paint cup to help you know when you are running low or for a smaller paint job to let you know that you have enough paint .
- A brush to push through and clean the inside of the paint tube.

Shortly after painting our cabinets and installing new counters we listed our house for sale. Our painted cabinets along with our fantastic Realtor sold our house fast and for top dollar.

Old MLS photos from purchase date:

MLS sales photos from after cabinet painting. We also removed the 90's half wall and tore out the book case, replaced appliances, added a back splash, new flooring 
and welcomed the house into 2014.

The Home Right Finish max sprayer was graciously provided to me by Home Right and all opinions reviews and misspellings are 100% mine.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Before and After (almost)

I was going through photos and found these. We still have to change out door knobs and hardware, remove the painters tape and add another coat to the magnetic wall but it has come a loooooong way from the cat carpet, white walls and glass shelved old folks home. One of the first things we did before unpacking was take all the glass down and cover that lovely rectangular picture frame display. We framed it in, painted, added the flooring. The black wall is magnetic.

This was from the MLS listing photos
Ignore the painters tape (upper left side), the crooked canvas of Emma
and the glare from the light.

Below in the foyer, I followed this great tutorial for the trim work

MLS Photo

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Robert and Emma at 15 Months

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Robert had his first "soccer experience." We picked up shoes and his outfit earlier in the week and he was super excited. By Saturday when he woke up he was over it. Luckily the idea of Burger King after saved the day. Robert surprisingly LISTENED. Friends Ellie and Logan joined in on the fun. It was a great day.

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Monday, May 27, 2013


Just as all of 2013 seems to be flying by so has May. Here are a few photos from the month. These are only the ones on the camera. I have yet to download from my phone. We have spent hours outside in the backyard and at the park down the street.

Dad and Robert made Larry BOY! (The one they made is in the center:)

Emma at the park-15 Months

Emma at the park 15 Months


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